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here’s how I doubled my sales with Bedrock

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Home at night
Laptop showcasing Bedrock site for real estate agents

due diligence
home inspection 🏠

Secure a hassle-free due diligence experience for your clients. Input the home address and preferred timeframe, and receive a detailed report with an associated repair cost sheet.

Spend on Bedrock Lifestyle: Gift-cards, Travel & Vacation

Real estate agents earn 5X points on every dollar spent per job.
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Real estate agent handing over keys to new homeowner

Cash-back bonuses will be awarded to agents at the end of every month.

Earn 1% cash-back on your total project cost.
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get your first home inspection free when you sign up

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get the best results from your home projects

Budget-Friendly Bliss

Flexible Payment Plans and Same-Day Repairs with Bedrock

Sealing the Deal

How Bedrock Enhances Property Value through Reliable Repairs

Elevate Your Craft

The Power of Guaranteed Payments and Free Leads with Bedrock

A Healthier Home

A healthier home, a healthier you: The Bedrock Approach

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