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earn more with every repair

  • Flexible Payment Plans for jobs over $1,000.


    Earn 10X Points for every $1 spent on a repair or renovation, redeemable for VISA gift cards, select travel, and member hotels.


    Refer a friend, and both get $50 credit for your next repair – that's $100 in total!

  • Earn 5X Points for each referred repair or renovation, unlocking VISA gift cards, select travel, and luxury vacation packages.


    Receive 1% Cash-back on referred repairs, renovations, and home inspections.


    Claim a free home inspection after signing up.

  • Zero lead fees, zero booking fees, forever.

    Exclusively bid on no-contest or minimally contested jobs.

    Enjoy secure, same-day payouts on every job.

    Receive an extra 1% cash-back when you exclusively bill through Bedrock.​

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get the best results from your home projects

Budget-Friendly Bliss

Flexible Payment Plans and Same-Day Repairs with Bedrock

Sealing the Deal

How Bedrock Enhances Property Value through Reliable Repairs

Elevate Your Craft

The Power of Guaranteed Payments and Free Leads with Bedrock

A Healthier Home

A healthier home, a healthier you: The Bedrock Approach

repairs trending in your neighborhood

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